Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is much more widespread than most people realize. It is estimated that approximately two million people in the United States are afflicted with the disease. The symptoms can vary for different people, so it is not always easy to diagnose. Some will experience gastrointestinal difficulties, including diarrhea, stomach ache, and bloating, while others may not have intestinal problems at all. Some of the other symptoms might include bone pain, joint pain, mouth sores, fatigue, and muscle weakness, among others. While there are medical tests that can be done for a sure diagnosis, if you think you might be suffering from Celiac Disease it is quite easy to test for yourself by trying gluten free and casein free diets. If you feel obviously better after your experiment, you can probably assume that you are among the millions of other Americans with the affliction. Some have noticed positive behavioral changes in their children as well when these changes were incorporated into their diets.

Gluten is the protein that occurs naturally in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley, and others. Casein is a milk protein. These proteins are difficult for many people to digest, causing discomfort and compromised health. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, or if you think that you might have gluten or casein intolerance, it is important to do your research to ensure that you are not ingesting gluten through hidden sources. It can be challenging, but is possible, to adhere to a 100% gluten free casein free diet. It will probably take a little time to get used to the changes in diet, and eating habits, but you should find that it is definitely well worth the effort. This is a life long change that must be made for those with Celiac Disease.

If a person with the disease is successful in completely avoiding the trouble foods, they can live a happy, healthy life. If they continue to eat the problem foods, they increase their chances of developing gastrointestinal cancer, besides having to go through life feeling unwell.