GFCF Diet and Food Buying

Individuals and families following a gluten and casein-free (GFCF) diet have a number of options when it comes to food buying.

There are now many commercially-made, specialty food products that are suitable for the GFCF diet. GFCF specialty manufacturers make pastas, breads, baking mixes, cookies, crackers, pretzels, muffins, waffles, breakfast cereals, soups and sauces, as well as milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream substitutes and many other popular food items using GFCF ingredients in manufacturing premises without gluten and casein. Some foods for those with Celiac Disease who cannot digest gluten, are also made in casein-free versions. Some of these pre-made food items are likely to be available from your local supermarket or health food store, while others may need to be ordered from an online or mail order GFCF food company.


You can find a list of foods which are gluten and casein-free, commercially-made GFCF food products and personal hygiene items, and contact information for GFCF manufacturers at a number of web sites dedicated to the GFCF diet, including

You can also buy basic GFCF foods (such as rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat and nuts) and GFCF ingredients (such as gluten-free flours and baking powder) and make your own meals, mixes, cookies and snacks from scratch. This is more labor-intensive, but the results can be both healthy and delicious, and you have complete control over the ingredients. With today’s busy lifestyles the idea of making many meals, snacks and treats from scratch without gluten and casein can seem intimidating, but there are many excellent GFCF recipe collections, both printed and online, to help.

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Many families worry about increased food costs with the GFCF diet. You can reduce your costs by buying in bulk and freezing the surplus, or joining with other families or a food co-op to enjoy volume discounts. Some stores offer a senior’s discount so you may want to go shopping with Grandma. If you prefer to buy organic and local foods, get to know your local farmers and stores and let them know what kinds of foods you are looking for.

With a bit of extra effort you can keep your GFCF diet food-buying costs under control and enjoy healthy and delicious foods.

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